"Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true." - Swami Vivekanand

Monday, May 16, 2011

Osama bin Laden- just some thoughts.

Though Laden’s death was answer to many questions, it surely has generated more questions for the word community.

First of all, how Laden became so much powerful a man and became most wanted? Certainly in his early days, he had assistance and aid of some ‘great’ nations, who for their own benefit and selfish motives nurtured him. They may give it a sophisticated name of ‘balance of power’, but surely it was more than that. Osama was used in the cold-war.

Osama’s organization carried out some attacks on US and some on the soils of other nations. The devastating attack flabbergasted the US. It killed thousands of innocents from different religions, different countries. Such heinous act had neither reasoning nor justification. And after this 9/11, US avidly searched for the mastermind – The Osama.

Many term it as a crusade or tussle between two religions – Christianity and Islam. I see point in it. Though economic, national and political interests are embedded in this ‘war on terror’, we cannot overlook religious aspect of it; rather religious fanaticism. US had certainly waited patiently to kill Osama. It is very difficult to believe that US could not trace Osama for ten years. On the one hand, a person – who controls such a big organization, supplies own videos, speeches to broadcast worldwide, remains head of the organization without any evident rebellion – and on the other – a mighty nation, powerful military intelligence, satellites’ network which can trace an inch of the Earth, military bases in Af-Pak and what not?

Hence a strong case exists to believe that, US also feared the eruption of religious tussle between Christendom and Islamic camp. Infact Bush administration had miserably increased the rift and conflict. The challenge before Obama Govt was to diminish this feeling of hatred, enmity and hostility. Therefore, his first ever official visit, after assuming office of the President, was to Egypt. He gave solace and confidence to Muslim world, that US is not an enemy of Islam in general.

US carried out the strike at right time. In these ten years i.e. from 2002 to 2011, US passed through a phase of recession. Also it used this period to pacify the Islamic world. It might have staged and directed the revolts and mutinies in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, etc. to keep their rulers engaged in their own affairs of disorderly states. Thereby US ruled out the possibility of these States coming together and opening up a ‘united camp’ that was anti-US. The turmoil and turbulence in the Islamic world ensured that Osama’s death won’t have instant serious repercussions.

Pakistan had no idea of Osama hideout on its soil is unconvincing. A bungalow so near to Pak Military Academy, having barbed wire fencing and standing alone with 8 times higher walls than average height in the surrounding area! Only thing is that, Pakistan could not have envisaged its step-father coming down upon it so heavily and dramatically.

US very cleverly pushed the dead body into the sea. But there is room to believe that US might have pushed something else, resembling Osama’s body and took the real body homewards to examine and investigate more.

Al-Qaida and Taliban have surely received a jerk. But nobody can ensure the world community that terrorist activities will end. Infact, we fear to see more conspiracies, attacks and destruction in coming days.

Should we be talking about ‘human rights’ of Bin Laden? The basic concept of human rights believes that these rights are acquired by a person simply because he is a human being. As soon as he/she is born, acquires human rights. But can there be a thought that, a person who is gross violator of human rights of others and does inhuman acts knowingly for continued prolonged period becomes ineligible to claim its own? Will he lose them? Otherwise, fanatics, extremists, communists-naxalites will claim the protection of shield of human Rights after violating that of others. This is happening in Bharat.

We congratulate US for not making an issue of Laden’s human rights. Such demonic creatures should be thrashed and destroyed to safeguard humanity. Laden received what he deserved.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

नाम गुम जायेगा !

आपल्या देशात कशावरूनही राजकारण होऊ शकते. अगदी नावांवरुनही ! विविध ठिकाणं, रस्ते, उद्यानं, उड्डाणपूल, योजना, सवलती, शाळा-कॉलेजे अशा सर्व ठिकाणी नाव ठेवण्यावरून बरेचदा राजकारणच होताना दिसते.

मध्यंतरी एक खेदजनक अनुभव आला. एका वस्तीमध्ये सेवाकार्य सुरु करायचे होते. साहजिकच विषय आला नाव काय ठेवायचे? कोणातरी महापुरुषाचे, राष्ट्रपुरुषाचे (महान स्त्रिया अंतर्भूत) ठेवायला हवे. पण जसजशी नावे सुचत गेली तसतसे लक्षात आले की प्रत्येक नावाला कोणा ना कोणाचा विरोध, असंमती होऊ शकते. उदा. गांधीजी – प्रचंड वादाचा विषय, तथाकथित हिंदुत्ववादी नाके मुरडणार, स्वा. सावरकर – तथाकथित सहिष्णु गांधीवादी विरोध करणार, डॉ. आंबेडकर – सवर्ण आणि तथाकथित उच्चभ्रू समाज फिरकणार सुद्धा नाही, शिवाजी महाराज – यांच्या नावे आधीच प्रचंड राजकारण झाले आहे, शिवाय हा ठराविक पक्षाचा कार्यक्रम वाटेल. असं करता करता जाणवलं की आपल्या देशातल्या या महान विभूती सुद्धा विभागल्या गेल्या आहेत. ठराविक समाजाचे, गटाचे, जातींचे म्हणून ते सीमित झाले आहेत. आणि हा त्यांचा पराभव बव्हंशी त्यांच्या अनुयायांनीच केला आहे, कुसुमाग्रजांनी त्यांच्या एका कवितेत म्हटल्याप्रमाणे!

काँग्रेस राजवटीने तर या बाबतीत प्रचंड राजकारण करून ठेवले आहे. शासकीय योजना, सवलती, अभियाने, शाळा-महाविद्यालये, सार्वजनिक प्रकल्प या सर्वांना नेहरू, इंदिरा गांधी (खरे नाव घांधी/घांदी), राजीव गांधी (खरे नाव घांधी/घांदी) या तिघांची नावे! कोणते असामान्य कर्तृत्व गाजवले बुआ या प्रभृतींनी? नेहरूंचे चरित्र मी कसे सांगावे? इंदिरानी तर हजारो जणांना तुरुंगात डांबून मानवाधिकारांचे सरळसरळ हनन केले, खुर्चीला चिकटून राहण्यासाठी अश्लाघ्य खटाटोप केला, हुकूमशाही चे वारे अंगात आल्यासारखा कारभार चालवला, कित्येक घरांची वाताहत केली. असो. ही नावे दिल्याने सरकारी जाहिराती, सरकारी उपक्रम कोणत्याही सरकारने (कोणत्याही पक्षाने) राबवले तरी हीच नावे पुढे येणार. अप्रत्यक्षपणे काँग्रेसचा प्रचार. 

हे खेदजनक तर आहेच, पण मनाला लागले सर्वाधिक ते ‘वांद्रे-वरळी सी लिंक’ च्या नामकरणाबाबत. काय म्हणे तर ‘राजीव गांधी सागरी सेतू’. कशाला? संपले बाकीचे सर्व? शिवसेनेने हिकमतीने निषेध आणि आंदोलन केले. त्याचे नाव ‘स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर सागरी सेतू’ असे सुचवले गेले आणि ते तसेच हवे. सागराशी निगडित असलेले सावरकरांचे धैर्य, मातृभूमीबद्दलचे अलोट प्रेम, अंदमानातील तळपते कर्तृत्व, चिकाटीची सहिष्णुता, शिवाय सागरालगतच्या रत्नागिरीमधले कार्य. आणि शिवाय बांद्रा-वरळी च्या मध्यावर येणाऱ्या दादरमध्ये शेवटची कित्येक वर्षे निवास, तिथेच आत्मार्पण. सर्वार्थाने ते नाव योग्य आहे. राजीव गांधींचे म्हणायचे तर साता-समुद्रापलीकडून एक नृत्यांगना आणली. एवढाच काय तो पराक्रम! तिचे ‘डिझाईन’ लपून राहिलेले नाही. वेळोवेळी कित्येक लोकांनी अंतःस्थ हेतूबद्दल उघडपणे बोलून दाखवले आहे. (वाचा : http://vikramwalawalkar.blogspot.com/2011/04/italian-by-birth-and-catholic-by.html ) आपल्या काँग्रेसजनांना गुलामगिरीचा अनुभव घेऊन आता एवढी सवय झाली आहे की, दिग्विजय सिंग, अशोक चव्हाण, पृथ्वीराज चव्हाण, विलास देशमुख, सुशीलकुमार शिंदे ही सगळी ताटाखालची मांजरे इमानी कुत्र्यासारखी वागू लागली आहेत. त्या मणिशंकर अय्यर ने स्वातंत्र्यवीरांचे नाव काढले अंदमानच्या कारागृहातून. ही असली स्वत्वहीन, कणाहीन माणसे आपल्यावर राज्य करणार. म्हणून आपणच आता ठरवायला हवे. आम्ही त्याला ‘स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर सागरी सेतू’ च म्हणणार. त्याचा उल्लेख तसाच करणार. तसेच लिहिणार-बोलणार. बसवर नेहमी ‘रा.गां.सा.सेतू’ पाहिल्यावर राग आल्याशिवाय राहात नाही.

सध्या देशातल्या केंद्र आणि राज्य सरकारच्या जवळपास अक्षरशः शेकडो योजनांना ही अशीच नावे आहेत. त्यांची यादीच लेखाच्या शेवटी दिली आहे. ग्रामीण भागातले उपक्रम, विद्यार्थ्यांचे शैक्षणिक कार्यक्रम, शिष्यवृत्ती या सर्वाला ही नावे. फक्त 'सुलभ शौचालय' हे नाव सुटले आहे या मालिकेतून. खरं म्हणजे त्या एकाच ठिकाणाला शोभून दिसेल नाव! असो. देशातला करदाता हा काही आपल्या पैशाचा विनियोग ह्यांच्या नावे व्हावा म्हणून कर देत नाही. आणि शिवाय हे काही राष्ट्रनेते नव्हेत. असो. ही नावे बदलायला हवीत. ते होईल तेव्हा होईल, पण आपण जमेल तशी सुरुवात करुया. ‘स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर सागरी सेतू’!

 "अनंत अमुची ध्येयासक्ती अनंत अन् आशा, किनारा तुला पामराला !"  

Central Government Schemes 
  1. Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana, Ministry of Power - A scheme “Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana” for Rural Electricity Infrastructure and Household Electrification was launched for the attainment of the National Common Minimum Programme of providing access to electricity to all Rural Household by 2009. Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) is the nodal agency for the scheme. Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana to be continued during the Eleventh Plan period with a capital subsidy of Rs. 28000 Crore; allocation of Rs 5500 crore for FY09. 
  2. Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission (RGNDWM), Ministry of Rural Development, Annual allocation plan 2007-08 was Rs.6,400 crore and Annual allocation plan 2008-09 is Rs.7,300 crore. 
  3. Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme for the Children of Working Mothers, Department of Women & Child Development, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi,
    Budgetary allocation 2008-09 – 91.88 crore.
    Budgetary allocation 2009-10 – 91.52 crore  
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojana for benefit of NE entrepreneurs, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Government of India,
    Budgetary allocation 2008-9 – Rs. 2.70 crore
    Budgetary allocation 2009-10 – Rs.1.12 crore 
  5. Indira Awas Yojana, Ministry of Rural Areas and Environment - IAY is a CSS funded on cost-sharing basis between the Centre and the States in the ratio of 75:25. In the case of UTs, the entire funds are provided by Centre. The target groups for housing under IAY are households below poverty line living in rural areas, particularly those belonging to SC/ST and freed bonded labourers.
    Budgetary allocation 2008-09 – Rs. 7919.00 croresBudgetary allocation  2009-10 – Rs.7914.70 crores 
  6. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme - objective to provide social security to workers in the unorganized sector in a phased manner. Budgetary allocation in 2008-09 is Rs. 3,443 crore 
  7. Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission, Ministry of Urban Development,
    Govt. of India – 7 years time frame, 50,000 cr.

    Budgetary allocation for 2008 - 9 - 10447.98 crore
    Budgetary allocation for 2009-10 – 10713.84 crore 
  8. Jawaharlal Nehru Rojgar Yojna – Ministry of Labour and Employment - A Self- employment programme for urban poor 
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojna, Employees’ State Insurance Corporation 
  10. Indira Gandhi Canal Project, Funded by World Bank 
  11. Rajiv Gandhi Shilpi Swasthya Bima Yojana, Union Ministry of Textiles, in association with ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited 
  12. Indira Vikas Patra 

  1. State Government Schemes
  1. Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Package for Tsunami Affected Areas, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Budgetary Allocation Rs.2347.19 crores
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Social Security Scheme for poor people, Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Govt. of Puducherry
  3. Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojna - Congress party president and United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson Sonia Gandhi had announced that the Centre would give a package of Rs.1,500-crore for providing housing facilities to the poorer sections in Delhi, thus announcing the scheme.
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Prathamik Shiksha Mission , Raigarh
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission, Madhya Pradesh 
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Mission on Food Security , Madhya Pradesh
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Mission on Community Health, Madhya Pradesh
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited is a Government Company established by the Government of Karnataka to cater to the housing needs of the Economically and Socially weaker sections of the society.  Registered in April 2000, its authorised Capital is Rs.10 crores with Rs.3 crore  paid up.
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Tourism Development Mission, Rajasthan 
  10. Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Programme, Assam 
  11. Rajiv Gandhi Swavlamban Rojgar Yojana, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
  12. Rajiv Gandhi Mobile Aids Counseling and Testing Services, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
  13. Rajiv Gandhi Vidyarthi Suraksha Yojana, Maharashtra
  14. Rajiv Gandhi Mission for Water Shed Management, M.P.
  15. Rajiv Gandhi Food Security Mission for Tribal Areas, MP
  16. Rajiv Gandhi Home for Handicapped, Pondicherry
  17. Rajiv Gandhi Breakfast Scheme, Pondicherry
  18. Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Divas, Punjab
  19. Rajiv Gandhi Artisans Health and Life Insurance Scheme, Tamil Nadu
  20. Rajiv Gandhi Zopadpatti and Nivara Prakalpa, Mumbai
  21. Rajiv Arogya Sri programme , Gujrat State Govt. Scheme
  22. Rajiv Gandhi Abhyudaya Yojana, AP
  23. Rajiv Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission, Jabalpur
  24. Rajiv Gandhi Bridges and Roads Infrastructure Development Programme for the construction of new roads and bridges and strengthening of the existing ones in the state of Haryana
  25. Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Niwara Prakalp, Maharashtra Govt.
  26. Indira Gandhi Utkrishtha Chhattervritti Yojna for Post Plus Two Students, Himachal Pradesh Government Scheme, Sponsored by, Central Government
  27. Indira Gandhi Women Protection Scheme, Maharashtra Govt.
  28. Indira Gandhi Prathisthan, Housing and Urban Planning Department, UP Govt
  29. Indira Kranthi Patham Scheme, Andhra Pradesh
  30. Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojana, State Govt. Scheme
  31. Indira Gandhi Vruddha Bhumiheen Shetmajoor Anudan Yojana,

    Govt. of  Maharashtra
  32. Indira Gandhi Nahar Project  (IGNP), Jaisalmer, Govt. of Rajasthan
  33. Indira Gandhi Niradhar Yojna, Govt. of Maharashtra
  34. Indira Gandhi kuppam, State Govt. Welfare Scheme for Tsunami effected

  35. Indira Gandhi Drinking Water Scheme-2006, Haryana Govt.
  36. Indira Gandhi Niradhar Old, Landless, Destitute women farm labour Scheme,

    Maharashtra Govt.
  37. Indira Gandhi Women Protection Scheme , Maharashtra Govt.
  38. Indira Gaon Ganga Yojana, Chattisgarh
  39. Indira Sahara Yojana , Chattisgarh
  40. Indira Soochna Shakti Yojana, Chattisgarh
  41. Indira Gandhi Balika Suraksha Yojana , HP
  42. Indira Gandhi Garibi Hatao Yojana (DPIP), MP
  43. Indira Gandhi super thermal power project , Haryana Govt.
  44. Indira Gandhi Water Project, Haryana Govt.
  45. Indira Gandhi Sagar Project , Bhandara District Gosikhurd Maharashtra
  46. Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam, AP Govt
  47. Indira Gandhi Priyadarshani Vivah Shagun Yojana, Haryana Govt.
  48. Indira Mahila Yojana Scheme, Meghalaya Govt
  49. Indira Gandhi Calf Rearing Scheme, Chhattisgarh Govt.
  50. Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Vivah Shagun Yojana, Haryana Govt.
  51. Indira Gandhi Calf Rearing Scheme, The government of Andhra Pradesh helped most of the respondent families in acquiring female calves through this scheme.
  52. Indira Gandhi Landless Agriculture Labour scheme, Maharashtra Govt.

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Gold Cup Kabaddi Tournament
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Run
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Federation Cup boxing championship
  4. Rajiv Gandhi International tournament (football)
  5. NSCI - Rajiv Gandhi road races, New Delhi
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race, Kerala
  7. Rajiv Gandhi International Artistic Gymnastic Tournament
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Kabbadi Meet
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Roller Skating Championship
  10. Rajiv Gandhi memorial marathon race, New Delhi
  11. Rajiv Gandhi International Judo Championship, Chandigarh
  12. Rajeev Gandhi Memorial Trophy for the Best College, Calicut
  13. Rajiv Gandhi Rural Cricket Tournament, Initiated by Rahul Gandhi in Amethi
  14. Rajiv Gandhi Gold Cup (U-21), football
  15. Rajiv Gandhi Trophy (football)
  16. Rajiv Gandhi Award for Outstanding Sportspersons
  17. All Indira Rajiv Gandhi Basketball (Girls) Tournament, organized by Delhi State
  18. All India Rajiv Gandhi Wrestling Gold Cup, organized by Delhi State 
  19. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Jhopadpatti Football Tournament, Rajura
  20. Rajiv Gandhi International Invitation Gold Cup Football Tournament, Jamshedpur 
  21. Rajiv Gandhi Mini Olympics, Mumbai
  22. Rajiv Gandhi Beachball Kabaddi Federation
  23. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Trophy Prerana Foundation
  24. International Indira Gandhi Gold Cup Tournament
  25. Indira Gandhi International Hockey Tournament
  26. Indira Gandhi Boat Race
  27. Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup Football Tournament.
  28. Jawaharlal Nehru Hockey Tournament.
  1. Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, Delhi
  2. Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium, Bawana
  5. Rajiv Gandhi National Football Academy, Haryana
  6. Rajiv Gandhi AC Stadium, Vishakhapatnam
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Pondicherry
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Nahariagun, Itanagar
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Badminton Indoor Stadium, Cochin
  10. Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Kadavanthra,Ernakulam
  11. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex , Singhu
  12. Rajib Gandhi Memorial Sports Complex, Guwahati
  13. Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad
  14. Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Cochin
  15. Indira Gandhi Stadium, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
  16. Indira Gandhi Stadium, Una, Himachal Pradesh
  17. Indira Priyadarshini Stadium, Vishakhapatnam
  18. Indira Gandhi Stadium, Deogarh, Rajasthan
  19. Gandhi Stadium, Bolangir, Orissa

Airports/ Ports 
  1. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, New Hyderabad, A.P.
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Container Terminal, Cochin
  3. Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
  4. Indira Gandhi Dock, Mumbai
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru Nava Sheva Port Trust, Mumbai
   Total budgetary plan outlay 2008-9  - 69.92crore
   Total budgetary plan outlay 2009-10 - 324 crore
Universities/Education Institutes 
  1. Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Shilong
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Ranchi, Jharkhand
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, M.P.
  4. Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Kharagpur, Kolkata
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Secundrabad
  6. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala, Punjab
  7. Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Tamil Nadu

    Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
    Budgetary Allocation 2008-09 – 1.50 crore
    Budgetary Allocation 2009-10 – 3.00 crore
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Begumpet, Hyderabad, A.P
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kottayam, Kerala
  10. Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Research & Technology, Chandrapur, Maharashtra
  11. Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  12. Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
  13. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Chola Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
  14. Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, M.P.
  15. Rajiv Gandhi D.e.d. College, Latur, Maharashtra
  16. Rajiv Gandhi College, Shahpura, Bhopal
  17. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies, New Delhi
  18. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Raebareli, U.P.
  19. Rajiv Gandhi Homeopathic Medical College, Bhopal, M.P.
  20. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Post Graduate Studies, East Godavari District, A.P.
  21. Rajiv Gandhi College of Education, Thumkur, Karnataka
  22. Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
  23. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of IT and Biotechnology, Bhartiya Vidhyapeeth
  24. Rajiv Gandhi High School, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  25. Rajiv Gandhi Group of Institutions, Satna, M.P.
  26. Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu
  27. Rajiv Gandhi Biotechnology Centre, R.T.M., Nagpur University
  28. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  29. Rajiv Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Madhya Pradesh
  30. Rajiv Gandhi Post Graduate College, Allahabad, U.P.
  31. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka
  32. Rajiv Gandhi Govt. PG Ayurvedic College, Poprola, Himachal Pradesh
  33. Rajiv Gandhi College, Satna, M.P.
  34. Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  35. Rajiv Gandhi Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Maharashtra
  36. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies, Islamabad, Pakistan
  37. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  38. Rajiv Gandhi Industrial Training Centre, Gandhinagar
  39. Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Andhra Pradesh
  40. Rajiv Gandhi Institute Of Distance Education, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 
  41. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture , Tamil Nadu
  42. Rajiv Gandhi University (Arunachal University), A.P.
  43. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Medicine Centre (RGSMC), Kerela
  44. Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Mauritus
  45. Rajiv Gandhi Kala Mandir, Ponda, Goa
  46. Rajiv Gandhi Vidyalaya, Mulund, Mumbai
  47. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Polytechnic, Bangalore, Karnataka
  48. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Circle Telecom Training Centre (India), Chennai
  49. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Pharmacy, Kasagod, Kerala
  50. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College Of Aeronautics, Jaipur
  51. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial First Grade College, Shimoga
  52. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Education, Jammu & Kashmir
  53. Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkacha, Varanasi
  54. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Teacher's Training College, Jharkhand
  55. Rajiv Gandhi Degree College, Rajahmundry, A.P.
  56. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi
  57. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development & Research, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  58. Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun
  59. Indira Gandhi RashtriyaUran Akademi, Fursatganj Airfield, Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh
  60. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai
  61. Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Orissa
  62. Indira Gandhi B.Ed. College, Mangalore
  63. Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Education, Nanded, Maharashtra
  64. Indira Gandhi Balika Niketan B.ED. College, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan
  65. Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh
  66. Smt. Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  67. Smt. Indira Gandhi Colelge, Tiruchirappalli
  68. Indira Gandhi Engineering College, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
  69. Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Kashmere Gate, Delhi
  70. Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang, Dist. Dhenkanal, Orissa
  71. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Pune, Maharashtra
  72. Indira Gandhi Integral Education Centre, New Delhi
  73. Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Delhi University, Delhi
  74. Indira Gandhi High School, Himachal
  75. Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya, Chhattisgarh
  76. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla
  77. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally, Andhra Pradesh
  78. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarakashi
  79. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Business Management, Vikram University
  80. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  81. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore
  82. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally, AP
  83. Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  84. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced Scientific Research, a deemed university, Jakkur, P.O. Bangalore
  85. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Social Studies, affiliated to Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapith (Pune, Maharashtra)
  86. Jawaharlal Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Sciences, Coimbatore, (ESTD 1968)
  87. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, Katraj, Dhankwdi, Pune, Maharashtra
  88. Kamal Kishore Kadam’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra
  89. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Education & Technological Research, Nanded, Maharashra
  90. Jawaharlal Nehru College, Aligarh
  91. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
  92. Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur
  93. Jawaharlal Nehru B.Ed. College, Kota, Rajasthan
  94. Jawaharlal Nehru P.G. College, Bhopal
  95. Jawaharlal Nehru Government Engineering College, Sundernagar, District Mandi, H.P.
  96. Jawaharlal Nehru PublicSchool, Kolar Road, Bhopal
  97. Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada, A.P.
  98. Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, Ibrahimpatti, Andhra Pradesh
  1.   Rajiv Gandhi Award for Outstanding Achievement
  2.   Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award
  3.   Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Awards, Delhi Labour Welfare Board
  4.   Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award
  5.   Rajiv Gandhi Manav Seva Award
  6.   Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Conservation Award
  7.   Rajiv Gandhi National Award Scheme for Original Book Writing on Gyan Vigyan
  8.   Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  9.   Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award, Instituted by Bureau of Indian Standards in 1991
  10.   Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award for Clean Technology, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India
  11.   RajivGandhi Travelling Scholarship
  12.   Rajiv Gandhi(UK) Foundation Scholarship
  13.   Rajiv Gandhi Film Awards (Mumbai)
  14.   Rajiv Gandhi Khelratna Puraskar
  15.   Rajiv Gandhi Parisara Prashasti, Karnataka
  16.   RajivGandhi Vocational Excellence Awards
  17.   Rajiv Gandhi Excellence award
  18.   Indira Gandhi Peace Prize
  19.   Indira Gandhi Prize for National Integration
  20.   Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award
  21.   Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Awards, Ministry of Environment   and Forests
  22.   Indira Gandhi Memorial National Award forBest Environmental & Ecological
  23.   Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Purashkar
  24.   Indira Gandhi NSS Award
  25.   Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration
  26.   Indira Gandhi Official Language Award Scheme
  27.  Indira Gandhi Award for Best First Film
  28.  Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Awards for The Town Official Language
  29.  Indira Gandhi Prize” for Peace, Disarmament and Development
  30.  Indira Gandhi Prize for Popularization of Science
  31.  Implementation
  32.  Indira Gandhi Shiromani Award
  33.  Indira Gandhi NSS Award/National Youth
  34.  Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Pushar award – search n correct
  35.  Indira Gandhi N.S.S Awards
  36.  Indira Gandhi award for social service, MP Govt.
  37.  Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme
  38.  Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Award Scheme 
  39.  Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Shield Scheme
  40.  Indira Gandhi Vision of Wildlife Conservation Zoo, a seminar organized by Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy.
  41. Jawaharlal Nehru award for International peace worth Rs 15 lakh cash given to many international figures, every year, including Yasser Arafat of Palestine Liberation Front in 1988 and U Thant in 1965.
  42. Soviet Land Nehru Award, a cash prize of Rs. 20,000 given to Shyam Benegal in Dec 89, in recognition of the above film.
  43. Jawaharlal Nehru Balkalyan awards of Rs.10,000 each to 10 couples by Govt. of Maharashtra (ToI-28-4-89).
  44. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, New Delhi, for Academic Achievement
  45. Jawaharlal Nehru birth centenary research award for energy
  46. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding
  47. Nehru Bal Samiti Bravery Awards
  48. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medal
  49. Jawaharlal Nehru Prize" from 1998-99, to be given to organizations (preferably   NGOs) for Popularization of Science.
  50. Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Competition
  51. Jawarharlal Nehru Student Award for research project of evolution of DNA

Scholarship / Fellowship 
  1. Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme for Students with Disabilities
  2. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme for SC/ST Candidates, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment 

    Budgetary Allocation for 2008-9 – 26.40 crores

    Budgetary Allocation for 2009-10 – 23.70 crores
  3. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme for ST Candidates
    Budgetary Allocation for 2008-09 – 29.00 crores
    Budgetary Allocation for 2009-10 – 42.00 crores
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship, IGNOU
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Science Talent Research Fellows
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship, Ministry of Tribal Affairs
    Budgetary Allocation for  2008-9  – 16.00 crores
    Budgetary Allocation for 2009-10 – 22.50  crores 
  7. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship Scheme for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes candidates given by University Grants Commission
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship sponsored by the Commonwealth of Learning in association with Indira Gandhi National Open University
  9. Rajiv Gandhi science talent research fellowship given by Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced scientific research (to promote budding scientists) done in tandem with Department of Science and Technology and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
  10. Rajiv Gandhi HUDCO Fellowships in the Habitat Sector (to promote research in the field of sustainable Habitat development) for MPhil, {PhD Students for 2 to 3 years, conferred by HUDCO
  11. Indira Gandhi Memorial Fellowships check
  12. Fullbright scholarship now renamed Fullbright- Jawaharlal Nehru Scholarship
  13. Cambridge Nehru Scholarships, 10 in number, for research at Cambridge University, London, leading to Ph. D. for 3 years, which include fee, maintenance allowance, air travel to UK and back.
  14. Scheme of Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowships for Post-graduate Studies, Govt. of India.
  15. Nehru Centenary (British) Fellowships/Awards
 National Parks/ Sanctuaries/ Museums
  1. Rajiv Gandhi (Nagarhole) Wildlife Sanctury, Karnataka
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Sanctury, Andhra Pradesh
  3. Indira Gandhi National Park, Tamil Nadu
  4. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park , New Delhi
  5. Indira Gandhi National Park, Anamalai Hills on Western Ghats
  6. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Vishakhapatnam
  7. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS)
  8. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Pollachi
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Health Museum
  10. The Rajiv Gandhi Museum of Natural History
  11. Indira Gandhi Memorial museum, New Delhi
  12. Jawaharlal Nehru museum in Aurangabad, Maharashtra opened by state govt.
  13. Jawaharlal Nehru memorial Gallery, London
  14. Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium, Worli, Mumbai.
  15. Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition for Children

Hospitals/Medical Institutions
  1. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, Delhi
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Home for Handicapped, Pondicherry
  4. Shri Rajiv Gandhi college of Dental Science & Hospital,  Bangalore, Karnataka
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Bio Technology, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala
  6. Rajiv Gandhi College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Raichur
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases, Bangalore, Karnataka
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical College, Jodhpur
  10. Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane, Mumbai
  11. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Pharmacy, Karnataka
  12. Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Goa
  13. Rajiv Gandhi Mission on Community Health, Madhya Pradesh
  14. Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  15. Rajiv Gandhi Homoeaopathic Medical College, Chinar Park, Bhopal, M.P
  16. North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Sciences , Shilong, Meghalaya
  17. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla
  18. Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore 
  19. Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sheikhpura, Patna
  20. The Indira Gandhi Paediatric Hospital, Afghanistan
  21. Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health Hospital, Dharmaram College, Bangalore
  22. Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Heath, Bangalore
  23. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla
  24. Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Science, Kerala
  25. Indira Gandhi Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Bhubaneshwar
  26. Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur
  27. Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital And Research Centre, Kolkata
  28. Indira Gandhi Hospital, Shimla
  29. Indira Gandhi Women and Children Hospital , Bhopla
  30. Indira Gandhi Gas Relief hospital, Bhopal
  31. Kamla Nehru Hospital, Shimla
  32. Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya
  33. Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry
    Budgetary Allocation 2008-09 – 127.84 crores
    Budgetary Allocation 2009-10 – 117.51 crores 
  34. Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Bhopal
  35. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Raipur.
  36. Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, New Delhi
  37. Nehru, Science Centre, Worli, Mumbai
  38. Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Bhopal
  39. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Homoeopathic Medical Sciences, Maharashtra 
Institutions / Chairs / Festivals 
  1. Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development. (RGNIYD), Ministry of  Youth and Sports
  2. Rajiv Gandhi National Ground Water Training & Research Institute, Faridabad, Haryana
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Food Security Mission in Tribal Areas
  4. Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development
  5. Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission, Chhattisgarh
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Chair Endowment established in 1998 to create a Chair of South Asian Economics
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Project - A pilot to provide Education thru Massive Satellite Connectivity up grassroot Level
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited (Government of Karnataka Enterprise)
  9. Rajiv Gandhi Information and Technology Commission
  10. Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Peace and Disarmament
  11. Rajiv Gandhi Music Festival
  12.   Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture
  13.    Rajiv Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas
  14.    Rajiv Gandhi Education Foundation, Kerala 
  15.    Rajiv Gandhi Panchayati Raj Convention
  16. The Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Educational and Charitable Society, Kasagod, Kerala
  17. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial trophy ekankika spardha, Prerana Foundation, Kari Road
  18. Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Janpath, New Delhi
  19. Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj & Gramin Vikas Sansthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  20. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam
  21. Indira Gandhi  Institute for Development and Research , Mumbai
  22. Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology (IGIC), Patna
  23. Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, New Delhi
  24. Indira Gandhi National Foundation, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  25. Indira Gandhi Mahila Sahakari Soot Girani Ltd, Maharashtra
  26. Indira Gandhi Conservation Monitoring Centre , Ministry of Environment & Forest
  27. Post-Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child
  28. Jawahar Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.
  29. Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan
  30. Jawaharlal Nehru Centenary celebrations
  31. Postal stamps of different denominations and one Rupee coins in memory of Jawaharlal Nehru.
  32. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust (U.K.) Scholarships
  33. Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House Nhava Sheva, Maharashtra
  34. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for. Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore
  35. Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Moscow
  36. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Udyog Kendra for Juveniles, Pune, Maharastra
  37. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru college of agriculture and research institute, Pondicherry 
  1. Rajiv Chowk, Delhi
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung, New Delhi
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhawan, New Delhi
  4. Rajiv Gandhi Park, Kalkaji, Delhi
  5. Indira Chowk, New Delhi
  6. Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi
  7. Nehru Yuvak Kendra, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
  8. Nehru Nagar, New Delhi
  9. Nehru Place, New Delhi
  10. Nehru Park, New Delhi Nehru House, BSZ Marg, New Delhi
  11. Jawaharlal Nehru Government House New Delhi
  12. Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Gurgaon, Haryana 
  13. Rajiv Gandhi Chowk, Andheri, Mumbai
  14. Indira Gandhi Road, Mumbai
  15. Indira Gandhi Nagar, Wadala, Mumbai
  16. Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, Mulund, Mumbai
  17. Nehru Nagar, Kurla, Mumbai
  18. Jawaharlal Nehru gardens at Thane, Mumbai
  19. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Hall, Chennai
  20. Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamilnadu
  21. Rajiv Gandhi Salai (Old Mahabalipuram road named after Rajiv Gandhi)
  22. Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Haryana
  23. Mount Rajiv, a peak in Himalaya
  24. Rajiv Gandhi IT Habitat, Goa
  25. Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Chennai
  26. Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada
  27. Rajiv Gandhi Nagar in Coimbatore,  Tamil Nadu
  28. Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
  29. Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Hinjewadi, Pune
  30. Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Bhav , Palanpur  Banaskantha 
  31. Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Chandigarh
  32. Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van, Jharkhand
  33. Rajiv Gandhi statue, Panaji, Goa
  34. Rajiv Gandhi Road, Chittoor
  35. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial at Sriperumbudur
  36. Indira Gandhi Memorial Library, University of Hyderabad
  37. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountains, Bangalore
  38. Indira Gandhi Planetarium , Lucknow
  39. Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture (IGCIC), High Commission of India, Mauritus
  40. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park , Eastern Ghats of India
  41. Indira Gandhi Canal, Ramnagar, Jaisalmer
  42. Indira Gandhi Industrial Complex, Ranipet, Vellore District
  43. Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar
  44. Indira Gandhi Squiare , Pondicherry
  45. Indira Gandhi Road, Willingdon Island, Cochin
  46. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden, Kashmir
  47. Indira Gandhi Sagar Dam, Nagpur
  48. Indira Gandhi bridge, Rameshvar, Tamil Nadu
  49. Indira Gandhi Hospital, Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation
  50. Indira Gandhi memorial cultural Complex, UP Govt.
  51. Indira Gandhi Sports Stadium , Rohru District, Shimla
  52. Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj Sansthan , Bhopal
  53. Indira Gandhi Nagar, Rajasthan
  54. Indira Nagar, Lucknow
  55. Roads are named after Jawaharlal Nehru in many cities e.g. in Jaipur, Nagpur, Vile Parle, Ghatkopar, Mulund etc.
  56. Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
  57. Jawaharlal Nehru Gardens, Ambarnath
  58. Jawarharlal Nehru Gardens, Panhala
  59. Jawaharlal Nehru Market, Jammu.
  60. Jawaharlal Nehru Tunnel on the Jammu Srinagar Highway
  61. Nehru Chowk, Ulhas Nagar, Maharashtra.
  62. Nehru Bridge on the river Mandvi, Panaji, Goa
  63. Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad
  64. Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Dharmatala, Kolkata
  65. Nehru Road, Guwahati
  66. Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur
  67. Nehru Vihar Colony, Kalyanpur, Lucknow
  68. Nehru Nagar, Patna
  69. Jawaharlal Nehru Street, Pondicherry
  70. Nehru Bazaar, Madanapalli, Tirupathi
  71. Nehru Chowk, Bilaspur. M.P
  72. Nehru Street, Ponmalaipatti, Tiruchirapalli
  73. Nehru Nagar, S.M. Road, Ahmedabad
  74. Nehru Nagar,. Nashik Pune Road