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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Condom’s Conundrum:

The Pope has come out with a new idea about ‘condoms’. Earlier the Church opposed use of contraception for reasons best known to them. The recent decision has been taken in the light of spread of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) like HIV. It is surely a departure from orthodox view garnered over these years. This was much awaited announcement from the Pope.

Bharateey population has a considerable share of people belonging to Christian religion. Most of these are of Hindu origin. They are converts. Conversions took place owing to various reasons like fear, fraud, allurement etc. Religion has stooped to low level of a bread, 1kg rice, saree, water pump etc. Can we equate a worship mode to materialistic things? Some influential people in this country have a designated role to play in spreading Christianity in Bharat. These are ranging from political party chiefs to company owners and social workers. To believe views of people like former Honorable RSS Chief K S Sudarshan, these people, holding key-posts, have links with Rome and working like agents. Indian Christians look towards Rome for guidance and directions. At least the Cardinals, Archbishops are bound to follow the diktat from Rome. And from them it permeates to Christian masses. Therefore we cannot turn a blind eye to such pronouncements.

What prevented Pope from making such a statement over these years? Will religion control such things? Should people listen to such things blindly as they follow a certain religion?

Bharateey population is seamlessly increasing. The horrendous pressure over resources of our country makes living tougher for everybody. Population should be controlled and there can’t be two opinions about it. But the celebrated ‘hum do humarey do’ should be followed by all communities without hesitation. Law cannot be optional. Some ‘fatwa’ or some ‘diktat’ speaking prohibition of contraceptives should not come in a way of national policy of population control. Succumbing to such unwarranted sermons, the religious demography is rapidly changing. 

from hinduism.about.com
Demographic trends should be examined to decide a policy of population control. Thus some years ago, Hindu organizations came out with a statement that, “hindus alone should not follow hum do humara ek policy”.   This was heavily criticized at that time. Such statement was a reaction to double standards applied by policy makers. Government seen surrendering to certain sections, ensued such a response from majority community.

Though the Pope has lately come up with a wise message, it will surely help in bettering the world now on. It was much awaited and so we welcome it as a Good News!   



  1. The para before population table says about change in demographic pattern. It creates the impression that the table you quoted is showing numbers for the entire country. i visited the site and found that it refers to the area/ dist of Jalpaigudi in Assam and that shift has nothing to do with birth control or birth rate. it is, primarily, due the infiltration from Bangladesh.

  2. @ Sharadmani ji -
    Thanks for figuring out the mistake.
    Appropriate changes made.

  3. The Pope gives concession to faithful to use condom to avoid STD such as AIDS not because his position on population control or contraception has changed.Off course whatever may be the reason for using condom the result will be the same.