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Monday, May 16, 2011

Osama bin Laden- just some thoughts.

Though Laden’s death was answer to many questions, it surely has generated more questions for the word community.

First of all, how Laden became so much powerful a man and became most wanted? Certainly in his early days, he had assistance and aid of some ‘great’ nations, who for their own benefit and selfish motives nurtured him. They may give it a sophisticated name of ‘balance of power’, but surely it was more than that. Osama was used in the cold-war.

Osama’s organization carried out some attacks on US and some on the soils of other nations. The devastating attack flabbergasted the US. It killed thousands of innocents from different religions, different countries. Such heinous act had neither reasoning nor justification. And after this 9/11, US avidly searched for the mastermind – The Osama.

Many term it as a crusade or tussle between two religions – Christianity and Islam. I see point in it. Though economic, national and political interests are embedded in this ‘war on terror’, we cannot overlook religious aspect of it; rather religious fanaticism. US had certainly waited patiently to kill Osama. It is very difficult to believe that US could not trace Osama for ten years. On the one hand, a person – who controls such a big organization, supplies own videos, speeches to broadcast worldwide, remains head of the organization without any evident rebellion – and on the other – a mighty nation, powerful military intelligence, satellites’ network which can trace an inch of the Earth, military bases in Af-Pak and what not?

Hence a strong case exists to believe that, US also feared the eruption of religious tussle between Christendom and Islamic camp. Infact Bush administration had miserably increased the rift and conflict. The challenge before Obama Govt was to diminish this feeling of hatred, enmity and hostility. Therefore, his first ever official visit, after assuming office of the President, was to Egypt. He gave solace and confidence to Muslim world, that US is not an enemy of Islam in general.

US carried out the strike at right time. In these ten years i.e. from 2002 to 2011, US passed through a phase of recession. Also it used this period to pacify the Islamic world. It might have staged and directed the revolts and mutinies in countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, etc. to keep their rulers engaged in their own affairs of disorderly states. Thereby US ruled out the possibility of these States coming together and opening up a ‘united camp’ that was anti-US. The turmoil and turbulence in the Islamic world ensured that Osama’s death won’t have instant serious repercussions.

Pakistan had no idea of Osama hideout on its soil is unconvincing. A bungalow so near to Pak Military Academy, having barbed wire fencing and standing alone with 8 times higher walls than average height in the surrounding area! Only thing is that, Pakistan could not have envisaged its step-father coming down upon it so heavily and dramatically.

US very cleverly pushed the dead body into the sea. But there is room to believe that US might have pushed something else, resembling Osama’s body and took the real body homewards to examine and investigate more.

Al-Qaida and Taliban have surely received a jerk. But nobody can ensure the world community that terrorist activities will end. Infact, we fear to see more conspiracies, attacks and destruction in coming days.

Should we be talking about ‘human rights’ of Bin Laden? The basic concept of human rights believes that these rights are acquired by a person simply because he is a human being. As soon as he/she is born, acquires human rights. But can there be a thought that, a person who is gross violator of human rights of others and does inhuman acts knowingly for continued prolonged period becomes ineligible to claim its own? Will he lose them? Otherwise, fanatics, extremists, communists-naxalites will claim the protection of shield of human Rights after violating that of others. This is happening in Bharat.

We congratulate US for not making an issue of Laden’s human rights. Such demonic creatures should be thrashed and destroyed to safeguard humanity. Laden received what he deserved.  


  1. Excellent article.
    Deep thought given to the strategies put in place like American building relationships in the Islamic world, unstability there and then the killing of Osama.
    My rating would be 5 out of 5.

  2. perfect and effective analysis of OPERATION OSAMA!!!